The Syrian Army establishes control over the village of Manoukh in the countryside of Homs

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The Syrian Army establishes control over the village of Manoukh in the countryside of Homs

The Syrian Army establishes control over the village of Manoukh in the countryside of Homs

Golan Times

Written by:Suhad Alaawar

A military source announced that the Syrian Army restores security and stability to the Manoukh village in the eastern countryside of Homs after the elimination of the last gathering of ISIS terrorists

The source said in a statement that units of the Syrian Arab Army carried out intensive operations supported by the warplanes on the gatherings and fortifications of the ISIS terrorists on the south-eastern sides of the area of ​​Jab al-Jarrah resulted in “establishing control over of the Manoukh village northeast of Jbab Hamad 15 km.

” The source pointed out that the process of control came after the elimination of “the last gathering of terrorists calling and destroying cars, some of them equipped with heavy machine guns.”

The source pointed out that the engineering units are working on “dismantling the IEDs and mines planted by the ISIS terrorists to block the advance of the Syrian Army” before the killing most of them and fled the remaining of them.

The source said this morning that the warplane carried out in the far eastern Homs countryside near the administrative border of Deir Ezzor raids on groups of ISIS terrorists in Hamaima village destroyed “headquarters, vehicles and cars, some of them equipped with machine guns.”

The air raids on the axis of Hamima, 70 km south-west of the city of Albuqmal come in the context of a military operation initiated by the army units in cooperation with the allied forces about two months ago from the north-east of the Altnf, which freed large areas and pressure on the ISIS terrorists who lived for several Weeks of chaos and panic as the Syrian Army approached the city of Albokmal embodied in the escape of dozens of leaders and dozens of deaths in their ranks as a result of internal fighting between terrorists groups.

The chaotic situation in ISIS terrorists coincides with the rise of the popular uprising against the ISIS terrorists , which recently attacked dozens of its headquarters and killed many of its terrorists.

The military source pointed out that the air raids carried out “gatherings and fortifications for the ISIS terrorists which listed on the list of international terrorism in Umm Suhairij, East Taiba and Tuenan, which resulted in heavy losses of personnel and equipment.”

The Syrian Arab Army units established control over five political points east of Manoukh village and arrested nine terrorists from the ISIS terrorists east of Monakh village in parallel with dozens of them injured in the surrounding of Shindakha village in the eastern Homs countryside.

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