Madhya terrorists upset from Idlib terrorists

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Madhya terrorists upset from Idlib terrorists

Madhya terrorists upset from Idlib terrorists

Golan Times

Written by: Suhad Alaawar

The coordination of the armed terrorist groups spoke about a state of discontent and anger among the people of Madaya town in the Damascus countryside , who went to Idlib city after the agreement with the Syrian army, that because “Hayyat Tahrir Alsham” yesterday ,arrested a number of young people of Madaya town in Idlib and didn’t take into account the “the privacy of their houses” during their campaign of attack and arrest.
The coordinators added that the people are currently working on forming a “delegation” that includes leaders from Madaya town and other cities and towns that have left Damascus countryside to Idlib city in order to communicate with “Hayyat Tahrir Alsham” and meet with a number of its officials, In order to prevent the recurrence of such abuses of arrest and others

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