“Jasmine Throes” movie to participate in Cannes and Kyiv film festivals

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“Jasmine Throes” movie to participate in Cannes and Kyiv film festivals

“Jasmine Throes” movie to participate in Cannes and Kyiv film festivals

The Syrian film “Jasmine Throes” by Writer and Director Alaa al-Sahnawi will participate in Kyiv International Film Festival, and Cannes Film Festival as a step to inform the world about the suffering of the Syrians due to terrorism and its crimes.

Speaking to a local source, the director, al-Sahnawi said that the film carries a message to the world public opinion saying “ No to terrorism…stop killing…we want to live in love and peace” adding that the film embodies the suffering of the Syrians from terrorism.

Al-Sahnawi underlined in his film that terrorist are monsters carrying out foreign agendas under the veil of religion, pointing out that the Western people have fallen victim of the misleading media.

He also highlighted the important role of art and the cinema in conveying the humanitarian reality to the audience.

The film is rich with the visual language with universal scenes that address all world nations, conveying the agonies of war in a highly expressive way depending on the lens of the camera to catch tiny details and pass the deep feeling of the director with all that having created an integrated and solid unity.

” Jasmine flowers will bloom again and the white color will overwhelm the hearts and souls of the Syrians when they live in safety and security,” the Director said.

The film actors and actress are Wafaa Mousalli, Akram al-Halabi, Marwan Abu Shahin ,Jihad al-Zoughbi, Ahed Deeb ,Amjad al-Hussein ,Raed Mousharaf and Majd Moushraf.,

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By:Suhad Alaawar

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