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More than 80 US occupation trucks laden with stolen oil, wheat leave Syria heading for Iraq

The US occupation troops have continued to steal the Syrian wealth and agricultural crops from the lands which they occupied in the Syrian al-Jazeera region as a convoy of the occupation’s vehicles laden with oil and stolen grains leaved Hasaka countryside heading for northern Iraq via al-Walid illegitimate crossing.

Local sources, from al- Yarubiya countryside said that a convoy of 45 vehicles, including covered trucks and oil tankers, in addition to a number of refrigeration tanker trucks and tankers accompanied by four-wheel drive vehicles, left the Syrian territories heading for the Iraqi territories on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, sources from al-Swaidiyeh village mentioned that 43 other trucks, laden with wheat from Tal Alou silos at night passed through al-Walid illegitimate crossing heading for the Iraqi territories.
Golan Times

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