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President Al-Assad receives President of the Republic of Abkhazia Aslan Bejania

President  Al-Assad receives President of the Republic of Abkhazia Aslan Bejania, who is heading a high-ranking delegation on an official visit to the Syrian Arab Republic.

Presidents Al-Assad and Bjania held two extended and bilateral talks during which they discussed the fields of bilateral cooperation and the prospects for its development, and joint work in order to move towards a new stage of strengthening and strengthening relations between the two countries, especially at the economic level and the exchange of scientific and study missions.

It was emphasized during the talks that the bilateral relations are built on a solid foundation of components and common elements that unite Syria and Abkhazia in terms of their adherence to their independent decisions, and their resistance to colonial domination despite their exposure to siege and wars, and military, economic and political terrorism, and in terms of diversity in the social fabric. And the common bonds between the two friendly peoples.

The talks also dealt with a number of issues of political concern and the situation in Syria and Abkhazia, the pressures facing countries, the massacres committed by “Israel” in the Palestinian territories and its continuous encroachments on the rights of the Palestinians, in addition to the situation in Ukraine and the Russian Republic of Crimea, and Western escalation attempts against  The Russian Federation in these two files.
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