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Governmental efforts to secure drinking water for people of Hasaka

In the framework of efforts exerted by the governmental establishments to secure drinking water for people of Hasaka city in light of cutting water supply off Alouk station due to practices of Turkish occupier, a convoy of tankers were running to fill water in the treasurers positioned in the streets of city and delivering water to citizens immediately in streets which don’t have treasurers.

The initiative was carried out in cooperation with several service governmental authorities , international Committee of the Red Cross, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are working to secure additional quantities of drinking water to people by running 19 tankers in light of the increased need to water due to difficult weather conditions and high temperature.

Head of Water Establishment, Mahmoud Ukla said that the initiative targeted to secure water to locals within Hasaka city center and neighborhoods particularly some streets, noting that water quantities will be doubled on Thursday with the help charitable sides to alleviate the suffering and providing drinking water.
Golan Times

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