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Final conference of Agricultural Development Forum held… Premier underlines importance of developing agriculture sector

Work of final conference for results and outputs of Agricultural Development Forum under the title “Challenges and Opportunities” had focused on setting up executive programs to rehabilitate, develop the agriculture sector and transfer it to technology action ,and cooperate with all organizations, scientific research centers to develop it.

The forum was launched by Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform on the 24th of last February.

Delivering a speech, Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous affirmed the importance of developing the agriculture sector through land reclamation, expansion of dam construction projects, and government irrigation projects, in addition to supporting agricultural mechanization, continuous development of work of Agricultural Bank, and rural development projects, and others measures.

Arnous pointed out to the importance of developing the sector in order to achieve self-sufficiency, and link farmers to their land, because the agricultural sector is not only a productive economic sector, but a social, developmental one, adding that the invested areas have increased to 82 percent of the arable lands.
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