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President al-Assad decides on a financial grant for the wounded in the war operations

President Bashar al-Assad issued an order allocating a financial grant that includes all wounded in war operations from the army, the internal security forces and the Popular Defense Forces who have a disability rate between 40 to 100 percent.

The Joint Committee of the Wounded Homeland Project decided to allocate the grant so that it is 200 thousand pounds for each wounded person from the disability bracket 70 to 100 percent, and 150 thousand pounds for each wounded person from the 40 to 69 percent disability bracket.
This grant includes about twenty thousand wounded in war operations, their disability rates vary between partial and total disability.

It is worth noting that the war-wounded, whose disability rate is less than 40%, are healing injuries, meaning that their injuries do not affect their physical ability and do not prevent them from practicing their daily lives, even they did not require their release from military service in accordance with the law, and therefore the Wounded Home Project did not target them.  Which initially went to the total disability bracket and moved from it to the partial disability bracket.
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