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President Assad receives Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdollahian and his accompanying delegation

During the meeting, they discussed the strategic relations between the two countries and joint efforts to enhance them by setting executive work programs to develop and expand areas of cooperation in all fields that serve the interest of the two friendly peoples, especially in the economic and commercial fields.

They also discussed field developments on the ground in Syria, where President al-Assad stressed the continuation of liberating all lands from terrorism and ending any illegal foreign presence on them.

The meeting dealt with the developments of events on the regional and international arenas, and the importance of continuing consultation and coordination in the political field was emphasized, especially that the convergent visions and policies of the two countries regarding the challenges facing the region have proven their effectiveness and correctness.

  Discussions also took place on the situation in Afghanistan and its effects on the countries of the region, and President al-Assad considered that the withdrawal of the United States should constitute an opportunity for neighboring countries to crystallize a common vision in order to establish civil peace there and not turn this country into a terrorist hotbed, and to prevent any external interference trying to exploit the conditions  withdraw in order to impose its agendas.

The guest minister briefed President al-Assad on the developments of the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear file, and what the Iranian government is seeking to achieve sustainable development and cooperation with its neighbors in the region to nullify the effect of the blockade and sanctions imposed on the Iranian people.
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