Sheikh Nassr aldin alghareeb congratulate Iraqis in Mosul liberalization

Sheikh Nassr aldin alghareeb congratulate Iraqis in Mosul liberalization

Golan Times

written by : Suhad ALaawar

Sheikh Nassr aldin alghareeb who’s Sheikh of the mind of the Druze monotheists congratulated Iraqis in Mosul liberalization.

He pointed out that “Finally, the greetings of Mesopotamia rose to its soldiers , the lioness of Mosul cheered to her lions and the poof conspiracies failed.

  He added the flags of victory raised over liberated Iraq and get rid of terrorists after they have devastated in his land corruption and destruction even the houses of worship did not save from their hands contaminated with the blood of innocents and all of that was in the name of religion and Sharia and Islam

In his statement , he said: ” we get our greetings to the souls of the martyrs who were martyred from the heroic Iraqi army and from the popular crowd resistance, which resisted to reach the Syrian border and meet with its army the fighter and his resistance allies from which side they came

so nearly , we will see flags of victory raise above of Sham countries, willy-nilly, whether desired or not , as well as the Iraqis leadership and president Bashar Alassad will decide the destiny

He stressed that “God victory over the Zionist enemy and terrorism for the welfare of the nation and its dignity without regard to any threat or menace from here and there, the decision is the decision of the sword , strength and resistance, not submission, humiliation and shame

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