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New batch of Military Academy students graduated

New batch of Military Academy students graduated

Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, Commander-in-chief of the army and armed forces, and on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of Correctionist Movement, a new batch of the Military Academy students was graduated.

At the beginning of the celebration, the participants observed a moment of silence in honor of Syria’s martyrs after which the Syrian national anthem was played.

Representative of the celebration’s sponsor, Chief of the General Staff of the Army and Armed Forces, Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, delivered a speech in which he conveyed President al-Assad’s congratulations to the students, wishing them success in performing their duties and missions side by side to their colleagues in the battlefield.

He noted that Syria has become more powerful against the US-Zionist scheme thanks to the steadfastness of its people, the bravery of its army and support of its allies, mainly Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Resistance.

Ayyoup added that the Syrian army is determined to continue its battle till full eradication of terrorism and terrorist organizations, in addition to foiling the plots of their supporters and funders.

Several speeches were delivered during the celebration with stress laid on the importance and great values of Correctionist movement which laid solid foundation for a comprehensive development process and consolidated resistance against the enemy.

The festivity included sport and military performances

Golan Times

By: Suhad Alaawar

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