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Distibution of coronavirus cases registered in occupied Syrian Golan

Dangerous height indicator in coronavirus cases registered in Majdal shams, where the total number of Coronavirus cases registered there has reached 98 cases of which 53 activated and 46 new cases during the week.

In Ain Qanaih the total number has reached 57 cases of which 25 activated cases and 15 coronavirus cases were registered during the week, as in Masa’ada the total number 26 cases of which less than15 activated cases and the others patients recovered .

In the same context,in Buqa’atha the total number of infections reached untill today 163 of  which 81 activated cases and 82 patients have recovered.

It is worth noting that 239 patients were undergoing medical examinations during the past week, and among them were 32 new patients infected with Coronavirus.

Golan Times

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