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Third stage of October Roads Race for Bicycles kicks off in Lattakia countryside

The third and final stage of October Roads Race for Bicycles on Tuesday kicked off in Joubat Burghal region in Lattakia countryside with the participation of elite bicyclists from the countries of the Russian Federation, Tatarstan, Tunisia, Palestinian, Lebanon and local teams.

The length of the race track was divided into four different categories according to the age of the participants as follows:  40 years and above (one km-long road/ eight laps), men under 23 (1km-long road 15 laps), young men (1km- long road /10 laps) young females (1 km-long road/ 10 laps).

The activities of race, which has gained international, Arabian and local media coverage, will conclude activities on Tuesday afternoon through crowning the winners at Nasmat al-Jabal Resort in al-Qardaha countryside.
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