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German parliamentarian: Erdogan violated international law in Syria and Iraq

German MP, Helen Efrem Sumer, affirmed that the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, violated international law in the region, especially in Syria and Iraq.

Efrem Sumer told the Turkish Ahval news site “Erdogan’s government has openly violated international law, especially in Syria and Iraq, and the European Union, which allowed Erdogan’s policies, cannot restrain him by just statements of condemnation and concern when the spark of war reaches him.”

Sumer considered that the European Union does not have a real policy, and it is wrong for Europe to ask Turkey to host refugees in exchange for billions of euros in funding, as Erdogan uses the agreement as a tool for blackmail.

Sumer stressed the need for the European Union to impose sanctions on Erdogan and his party to ensure that his political credibility is not completely lost.
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