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With a cost of SYP 825 million, Sadcob and irrigation canal bridges rehabilitated and put into service in Aleppo

With a cost of SYP 825 million, the Public Establishment for Road Communication (PERC), Aleppo branch put bridges of Sadcob, on Aleppo southern diversion, and the irrigation channel, on Aleppo-Raqqa highway, into operation after they have been destroyed and sabotaged due to terrorism.

Director of the Establishment’s branch, Eng. Ali al-Khuwailid underlined the importance of putting Sadcop bridge into operation which constitutes a road transport node on the Aleppo southern diversion at a cost of SYP 500 million to connect Aleppo-Damascus southwestern entrance with Aleppo- Raqqa highway in the east, passing by twelve bridges.

He pointed out that the bridge consists of two openings, each of which is 30 meters long and 30 meters wide for to and fro.

He added that the road will be integrated with seven bridges that were previously rehabilitated with a cost estimated at more than SYP400 million, asserting that work to rehabilitate Neirab and Asan bridges at a cost exceeds SYP one billion and one hundred million continues.

Al-Khuwailid pointed out that the irrigation canal bridge located on Aleppo -Raqqa highway was implemented in two stages to divert water to the irrigation channel, with a cost of SYP 325 million.
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