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Information Ministry announces death of renowned artist Mayada Bseliss

Ministry of Information announced the death of renowned artist Mayada Bseliss who passed away on wednesday at the age of 54 after a struggle with cancer.

Late Bseliss was born in Aleppo in 1967 and began her artistic career at the age of nine, when she released 14 albums.

Bseliss won the Golden Award for Best Arab Song in 1999 for the song “Kezbak Helou” ( Your lie is sweet ) and sang several promos for TV series.

She was the wife of musician Samir Kouifati.The late has performed many concerts inside and outside Syria, including in San Francesco, Madrid and Cairo.

Through her artistic career, the late singer has won many local and Arab awards, including the Golden Ornina three times, the first prize at the Arab Music Festival in Casablanca, the golden award for the best filmed song and the golden award at the Cairo Festival and many others.
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